UKAS ISO 9001-2015, UKAS ISO 14001-2015, UKAS OHSAS 18001

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ISO Saudi offers UKAS ISO 9001-2015, UKAS ISO 14001-2015, UKAS OHSAS 18001 certification to any kind of companies in UAE, Kuwait, Riyadh, Jeddah, Yanbu, Jubail, Erbil Kurdistan.

Review mechanism, Process controls, Process Risks, Effective implementation, Focus areas for improvements, Documentation survey, Site visit, Site review, Peer review are few of the things which will be considered  in addition to the routine stuff in checking for effective implementation of the Quality Management System, Environment Management System, Safety Management System.

Manufacturing companies, Service industries, Offices, Contracting companies are few clients who prefer UKAS certification for better recognition and value in the society. This adds up to the image of the company in the global market.

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