What is IFS?

IFS are a safety standard that applies to companies that sell, supply, and manufacture food products. It does activities like handling loses food, packing and processing. IFS standards comprise eight standards that ensure users about legal provisions about food or product safety. This certification is open to Brokers, Manufacturers, providers, wholesalers and retailers, etc.  The global quality services which are the leading ISO consultation  will help us getting this IFS certification for the industry.

Catch up with the procedure of IFS certification

Some of the standards are:

  • IFS Food: It is a GFSI Benchmark Standard Food. Applicable to where the product is processed or handled. Its objective to ensure safety, quality of build confidence in products.
  • IFS Global Markets Food: It is a safety assessment market product for retailers and branded products
  • IFS Wholesale: It is also known as Cash Carry and it is introduced in 2010. It is defined as wholesale and cash and carry markets.
  • IFS Logistics:It is also a GFSI Benchmarked Standard Food. All the food and non-food products come under this category. It covers logistics activities including loading unloading and transportation.
  • IFS Global Market Logistics: All the less and small developed logistic service providers fall under this category. Its goal is to guide us through the full implementation of the IFS Logistics Standard.
  • IFS Broker:IFS had developed this new standard especially for brokers or importers. This plays the main role in this chain value. IFS Broker applies to those who are involved in trading and selects suppliers and purchase or trade the goods which then supplied to their customers.
  • IFS HPC:This is for household and personal care products. It is published in 2009. It provides access to assess manufacturers and suppliers in terms of product safety and hygiene. Packaging of loose products also benefits from this IFS HPC.
  • IFS PAC secure: It is a GFSI Benchmarked Standard Policy. It is both for food and non-food primary and secondary packaging materials.

Procedure to be IFS Certified:

To be IFS certified one must first be audited by a third party to ensure that they are with IFS Standards. The Global quality services are the ones who’ll give you the proper processes and make you get the benefit of this IFS certification for the concerned industry.

  • Take a look at the recent version of the IFS standard and study its requirements from ifs-online.com.
  • Build a management team to ensure that necessary changes are made so that they comply with the standard.
  • Start Implementing your changes
  • Make an appointment with the IFS auditor and manage the date and timings of the audit
  • Go through the action plan and make necessary changes
  • Then if the auditor completes the procedure and if the auditor feels all are well and good, he will grant the IFS certification
  • Congratulations! You are IFS certified now.Drop us an email info@iso-saudi.net

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