SOC 1 Type and SOC 2 Type Explained

All SOC types are audits using Organization Controls and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. All organizations consider SOC will have to select levels of SOC and types of SOC audits. Here you will find out what types of attestations are great for your organization and can bring great businesses results in your favor.

SOC 1 and SOC 2 Attestation

SOC Attestations Type 1 and 2

SOC Type 1 and 2 are two kinds of assessments conducted by the providers. These providers conduct both the assessment but both these assessments are different in nature. SOC attestation 1 and 2 are typically looking for ways to establish trust and credibility between businesses and customers.

What is SOC 2 Attestation ?

Organizations are seeking SOC 2 attestation and audit to look for ways to establish trust between current and future clients. Moreover, SOC 2 attestation is not a regulatory or legal requirement, nor it is a compliance framework. It is a voluntary test to show the commitment about security and safety of the organizations. It provides the following benefits.

  • Security

It prevents to harmful uses and unauthorized disclosures of data. You can ensure to secure your data by following SOC Attestation.

  • Availability

SOC Attestation provides access to user-facing systems and to ensure compliance all the time. It helps to have availability of businesses all the time.

  • Process Integrity

Completeness, authorization and timelines are followed if a website is SOC attested. The certificate providers continuously keep maintaining the security of the site.

  • Confidentiality

It protects against breaches of legally protected information. You have to follow some specific guidelines to improve confidentiality and to improve level of businesses.

  • Privacy

It keeps the privacy of users intact. SOC attestation will sustain against breaches of personally identifiable information. It secures privacy of the customers.

Components of a SOC Reports

SOC reports need to have some mandatory documents ready before applying for SOC Attestation. So, you have to make these components ready.

  1. Auditor’s Report
  2. Management Assertion
  3. System Description
  4. Description of Criteria
  5. Other information if any.

SOC 2 Audit Report?

SOC 2 audit report helps to have detailed information about service organizations’ availability, processing integrity, security, privacy controls, confidentiality and compliance with AICPA and SSAE 18. Moreover, it also includes the following to apply with the audit report.

  1. An opinion letter.
  2. A detailed description of service and system.
  3. Management assertion.
  4. Details of trust service categories.
  5. Tests reports of controls and testing.
  6. Additional information or plans for new systems. You also have to provide plans for systems, business continuity and clarification of contextual issues.


SOC attestation is a great addition in credibility of the online businesses. It helps customers understand that the site is trust worthy and privacy of the data is in secure hands. It enhances the credibility, availability and controls of the businesses. The organizations can have plans to follow and keeping the past history in view, the website owners are offered attestation with reports to follow.

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