What’s new in FSSC VERSION 6.0 ?

ISO-SAUDI  in Saudi Arabia serves as the best ISO and FSSC certification providers in Saudi . FSSC 22000 had revised its version 6.0 at November 3, 2020. It actually published a version V5 of the certification scheme on 3rd June 2019.Due to some issues the foundation had come with new version called FSSC 22000 version 5.1. The main aim is to ensure that it meets food industry requirements in a certification manner which assures the organizations provide safe food to its customers. It is done to match the latest FGSI benchmarking requirements. The main reasons were compliance with GFSI and strengthened requirements for the certification body as per the continuous evaluation of the improvement.  With regard to food safety culture, there are no new FSSC necessities, as the ISO 22000: 2018 standard previously covered the core aspects of food safety culture. The best FSSC certification providers are ISO – SAUDI and also we serve as the leading ISO certification providers. FSSC 22000 has issued a guidance document that establishes how ISO 22000 and the requirements related to food safety culture are connected.


The main updates are:

  • Storage and Warehousing (All Food Chain Categories): ISO – SAUDI  implements and maintains a procedure and specified rotation stock system that includes FIFO principles with FIFO requirements.
  • Hazard Control and Measures for Preventing Cross-Contamination (Food Chain Categories C & I): As a leading certification provider, we have special and verified requirements in place in case of packaging and inspection process to provide a functional effect on food and ensure animals are fit for human consumption.
  • PRP Verification (Food Chain Categories C, D, G, I & K): ISO-SAUDI  maintains and implements routine stir inspections, production environment and verifies if it is maintained in a suitable way to ensure food safety.
  • Product Development (Food Chain Categories C, D, E, F, G, I & K): we also ensure safe and legal products like evaluation of the impact of change of FSMS of safety hazards, resource and training needs, and maintenance requirements, need to conduct production etc.
  • Health Status (Food Chain Category D): This organization shall take care of health of personnel that does not have adverse effect on feed production operations. Medical examinations are permitted can be carried out at intervals defined by the organization.
  • Requirements for Organizations with Multi-Site Certifications (Food Chain Categories A, E, FI & G : This organization has central function and internal audit requirements .The central make sure that all the roles , responsibilities are defined for management , internal auditors etc and also ensures that sufficient resources are available .An internal audit is established by central function that covers management system , central function .Internal auditors meet the requirements and manged by the CB body and the work experience should be 2 years in the food industry at least on year in the organization

Organisation of FSSC scheme 6.0 version

  • SCHEME OVERVIEW: It describes the scheme context and the details including its certification scopes
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR ORGANISATIONS AUDITED: It discusses requirements against licensed Certification bodies which audits FSMS and QMS in order to maintain certification for FSSC 22000 or FSSC 22000 quality.
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATION PROCESS: It describes for the execution of the certification process to be conducted by licensed certification bodies
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATION BODIES: It describes the requirements for licensed certification bodies that provide certification services to organizations.
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCREDITATION BODIES: It describes requirements for recognisable accreditation bodies that provide accreditation services to licensed certification bodies.
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR TRAINING ORGANIZATIONS: It is for those schemes who wants to provide approved training courses for licensed training organizations

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