QC080000 – An Outline

Hazardous chemicals have become a major issue in the manufacturing industry, particularly in businesses producing toys, consumer electronics, and electrical appliances. Global quality services and different areas across the globe have established regulatory standards for electrical products and components to restrict or ban the use of toxic compounds in order to remove dangerous products and minimize the number of product recalls due to hazardous substances.

QC080000 – An Outline

To enable electrical and electronic product and component manufacturers to establish a Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) system, the QC 080000 specification was developed. To ensure compliance with worldwide hazardous substance control guidelines and customer-specific needs, QC 080000 employs a cost-effective process methodology. It can be effortlessly incorporated into any quality management system that is currently in place. All departments or business units within your organization will be involved in the control of hazardous chemicals as a result of this practice. A product standard for high-strength steel reinforced plastics, IECQ QC 080000, is internationally recognized and ecologically beneficial and is based on ISO 9001. According to worldwide guidelines and customer-specific criteria, certification of your HSPM system can help you reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals. Through QC 080000 certification, you can:

  • Prepare goods that are environmentally friendly in order to reduce later modification.
  • Management of hazardous chemicals in goods and processes on a systematic basis
  • Comply with existing method parameters and environmental product criteria.
  • Reduce the number of duplicated system and product certifications to optimize resource allocation.
  • It helps you demonstrate to your business partners and consumers that you are committed to corporate social responsibility and environmental protection.

Recognized certification can help you regulate and manage hazardous chemicals in your goods or production processes more effectively. The QC 080000 certification demonstrates that you have created, documented, and implemented processes to manage production. Certified accreditation indicates your regulatory or voluntary compliance with changing regulations and increases confidence with customers, governmental agencies, and business partners.

Display your IECQ QC 080000 certificate to demonstrate that your manufacturing methods, assembly techniques, and materials used in your electro-technical components are in accordance with client specifications and worldwide hazardous substance regulations.Create and maintain a certified HSPM system to guarantee compliance with your organization’s goals and objectives, as well as customer and regulatory expectations. Inform stakeholders and customers alike that your goods are developed and made with few to no harmful chemicals to human health or the natural environment. The QC 080000 accreditation badge recognizes your dedication to ensuring safe, environmentally friendly production methods and high-quality goods.


 The QC 080000 certification procedure is as follows:

  • Document verification Prior to the on-site audit, the following documents must be submitted:
  • Organizational diagram
  • QC 080000 instruction manual
  • Previous internal audit reports and document checks
  • Hazardous Substances List
  • Certified copies of valid QMS certifications

2) Auditing on-site

3) Verification on-site

4) IECQ HSPM QC 080000 reporting and registration

5) Certificate issuance

6) Renewal of certification

With a single management system, QC 080000 certification services help you accomplish your hazardous substances goals while also complying with international standards.


QC 080000 may show controllers that a manufacturer’s cycles successfully manage hazardous chemicals. It demonstrates that the organization has measures in place to oversee item acknowledgment specifically for HSF.

  • Ensures continual access to global business sectors
  • Ensures a strong advantage.
  • Gives a strong impression of compliance with material laws.
  • Assists in driving business mix and cycle management advancement throughout the inventory network.
  • Increase your marketability – Profits for your company Recognition and trust are earned by demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding the safety of employees and others, as well as the sustainability of the environment, through the IECQ QC 080000 program.

Reduce expenses — By eliminating redundant services from your operations, you will have more time to assess and implement suitable safeguards for the ever-changing list of hazardous items. You can reduce possible reputational and monetary damages by responding quickly.

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