System and Organizations Control attestations better known as SOC attestations is a certification and audit that evaluates the effectiveness of an organization’s internal control, practices and processes of the services they provide. This type of audit acts as an assurance to customers, employees, partners and stakeholders on the steps taken to ensure data is protected by the organization. Throughout this the organization does not only ensure of its reliability but also its high-tech security being managed by the security and Organizations Control by knowing its attestation of the same. I as a partner, client or stakeholder will beat peace knowing that no security breaches will take place of any individual because of an organization’s well-being.

Types of SOC Attestation reports

There are three types of SOC attestation in Saudi  Arabia . First, we have the SOC 1 which aims at internal reports rather than the financing report of an organization. It is suitable for organizations providing services of financial transactions of their clients. The financial data is scrutinized by auditors to verify its authenticity and accuracy. As an individual this report would help you assess the services rendered to you by the organization handling your financial data. The second type of SOC 2 focuses on evaluating the privacy, availability, security, and the confidentiality of the organization’s systems. This type of SOC Attestation is widely used by data centers, technological companies and cloud service providers. The third type of the SOC attestation is SOC 3 which is an intelligible version of the SOC 2 Attestation which is publicly available to be used.

Benefits of having a SOC Attestation

Benefits of  having a SOC Attestation

One benefit an organization has with this attestation is that it secures an enhanced data protection which builds the trust network and reputation between the organization and the clients or stakeholders. The organization also is continually improved which is seen with the constant technology developments where the attestation tends to improve also to suite into the trends of data privacy. Such organizations also tend to grow through the various partnerships they have with other organizations that are certified.

Disadvantages of lacking an ISO 27701 Certification

Being that an organization has several benefits it also has disadvantages it may undergo if it lacks an ISO 27701 certification. One is that its reputation or brand may be damaged. This is because clients value data security since it may cause trust issues between the organization that is providing services and the client. Secondly it may cause a breach in data and the organization stands to take legal risks that may be costly for it in terms of paying fines and lawsuits against them. The lack of an ISO 27701 Certification derails opportunities and partnerships available for the organization in question. This is because partners may be looking for trustworthy, reputable companies for partnerships and collaborations and the lack of the ISO 27701 Certifications one of them. The organizations lacking this compliance shows the unaccountability and derailed improvement of the management of privacy. This is because this audit outlines the willingness to make security improvements when data is collected.

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