How to Leverage the benefits of internal audit in ISO 22301 ?

Recognition of nonconformities can begin from the identification of the organisation’s lack of compliance with the defined requirement of the standard. To have a deep insight of such non-conformities the internal audit must be conducted to recognize the findings and find remedies. The audit is responsible to undertake corrective actions, perform strategic planning, define recovery and response strategies and ensure continual improvement throughout the process.  These insights are vital as it is pipelined as a key input to the review committee who draws essential conclusions such as the measure of the organization’s resilience, position of the organization in BCM and overall effectiveness of procedure/policies. 

The primary purpose of an internal audit thus is to make sure that the organisation has taken every appropriate preemptive measure to verify its effectiveness in tackling a disruptive event through following the required standards of ISO 22301 and the organization’s own policies. An internal audit must be conducted by an impartial auditor to get the precise status of the BCM plan. 

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