ISO 27701 PIMS Certification in Saudi Arabia

A major concern in the world today is Data Privacy. This is because consumers all over the world need protection and rights as they interact through the internet. ISO 27701 PIMS is a certification that is awarded to the stakeholders of organizations to assure them of them that data privacy is being taken up seriously in the organizations. One may ask about how organizations regulate and use data collected from their consumers and this certification should be a reassurance of them taking data privacy very seriously. This scan be taken and applied to both private and public owned organizations together with government entities but not for profit organizations.

ISO 27701 Certification in Saudi Arabia

ISO 27701 PIMS Certification 

The main reason as to why organizations should have the certification of ISO 27701 PIMS is so that they are in a position of controlling, assessing, treating and reducing privacy risks. This is regarding organizations, collecting, maintaining, and processing personal information. Organizations should be ISO 27701 PIMS certified for the following reasons. One is that this assists in demonstrating compliance with Data protection Laws, Regulations and Standards and with the General Data Protection Regulation which is the European Union’s new Data protection law. Secondly, the certification assures the importance of personal data management in the organization’s practices. In addition, the organization in question will have an added advantage since it establishes a well-built reputation organization’s best culture on data protection in a competitive manner. The certification also encompasses the protection of confidentiality and shows the integrity of organizations with Personally Identifiable Information. Moreover, it builds and maintains customers’ trust by ensuring that their Privacy Identifiable Information is only used for what it was collected for. Your organization has an upper hand in strengthening bonds between them and their stakeholders and customers after getting the ISO 27701 Certification in Saudi Arabia.

Consequences of an Organization Lacking the ISO 27701 PIMS Certificate

Since Data privacy is a major concern the lack of ISO 27701 PIMS Certification may bring about consequences that your organization will face. One, your organization’s reputation and brand may be damaged if your Personal Identifiable Information is leaked. Secondly, it may lead to an individual’s personal reputation and privacy being compromised if an organization’s Personal Identifiable Information is breached. The organization furthermore may be fined under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 20 million pounds. These and any more an organization risk if they are not ISO 27701 PIMS Certified.


With these, it is wise for an organization dealing with information relating to their customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees to get ISO 27701 certified to keep and maintain good reputation. This will not only give a plus to new sales and making you open new marketplaces. This also provides proof to you customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees that you take information security very seriously. All these are possible with the ISO 27701 Certificate in Saudi Arabia that helps data privacy be effectively managed and prevent any brand and individual damages in organizations.


ISO 27701 is an internationally recognized standard for Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS). ISO-Saudi, a leading certification provider in Saudi Arabia, assists organizations in achieving ISO 27701 certification. This certification demonstrates your commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy and complying with privacy regulations. ISO-Saudi offers expert guidance and auditing services to help your organization establish and maintain an effective PIMS, providing assurance to stakeholders that their personal information is handled with care and in compliance with relevant privacy laws. ISO 27701 certification can enhance your organization’s reputation, build trust with customers, and mitigate privacy-related risks in the Saudi Arabian market. Trust ISO-Saudi to support your journey towards ISO 27701 certification and a stronger commitment to privacy protection.

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