ISO 28000 Supply chain security Riyadh Jeddah Rabigh

Be it SCAN Supplier Compliance Audit Network Compliance audit, Responsible business Alliance Audit RBA Version 6.0, CTPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism OR ISO 28000 Supply chain security management system, ISO Saudi has rich experience with the top global consultants.

ISO Saudi has carried out ISO 28000 Certification, SCAN compliance audits in various countries and establishments in different parts of the world. Due to the nature of the requirements in these standards, it is required to use the best resources and thoughts to carry out Risk assessments and controls using tools which are globally acceptable.

ISO Saudi has the expertise to carry out Risk assessment both on documents and physical risk assessment, Preparing operational controls, Identifying objectives and programs and help logistics companies to prepare the ISO 28000 Supply chain Security policy.

  • PHYSICAL SECURITY (personal controls on lock and key) Padlocks for Gates and control, Access control, Identification process checking, Restricted access (Packing), Controlled access, Warehousing controls, Visitor controls during entry and exit (including identification), Fencing, Building structure with steel reinforcement, Guard room, Power backup, Intrusion alarm, Window locking.
  • CONTAINER & TRAILER SECURITY (7 POINT INSPECTION 1. Container length, 2. Gaps, Lock control)
  • CONVEYANCE SECURITY (LOGISTICS) – Departure time, Designated routes, GPS Tracking, Alternate route approvals, Technology used, Validation of these technology., Full or Half container (Sealing process LCL  Less than Container load process, Full container load FCL process.
  • PHYSICAL ACCESS CONTROLS – Access controls, Process against failures.
  • PERSONAL SECURITY – Background checks, Criminal checks, Violation process, Visitor Parking, Employees parking,
  • SECURITY TRAINING AND AWARENESS – Planner, Competence, Training records, Efficiency, Bomb threat, Intrusion, Contraband, Human trafficking
Overall 82 points and approximately 237 lines for control are required to be demonstrated  for SCAN, and other similar requirements to be demonstrated as per the ISO 28000, CTPAT requirements.

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