JMBR Group is a leading printing solutions provider in the Middle East with expertise in security printing. JMBR Group is the holding company of National Printing Press and MICR Printing Press and the client base spans entire Middle East and the African continent.

National Printing Press is certified to ISO 27001:2022. JMBR Group has envisaged its interest in developing an ESG (Environmental, social and governance) framework to assess its business practices and performance on various sustainability and ethical issues. JMBR approached ISO Saudi / ISO UAE for assistance in developing the ESG framework.

The consultants of ISO Saudi did a detailed study of the systems available in JMBR Group with respect to the three pillars of ESG namely Environmental, Social and Governance. Various parameters like sustainability, corporate governance and ethics established in the company were reviewed during the study. ESG program was developed to ensure accountability and the implementation of systems and processes to manage JMBR’s impact on the carbon footprint and how it treats employee, suppliers and stakeholders over and above the legal and ethical requirements of The United Arab Emirates.

Environmental factors which are ESG criteria like carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste management, factors leading to air and water pollution and natural resource depletion were considered. The optimization in usage of fuels for transportation and running of generators were considered.

Social factors which are ESG criteria like workplace health and safety, fair pay for employees, diversity and inclusion programs if any, data protection and privacy policies, customer satisfaction levels and treatment of interested parties like suppliers, customers and visitors etic , community relations with the local community and neighbors, CSR initiatives and helping local underserved communities and support of human rights and local standards in UAE were considered.

Likewise, Governance factors which are ESG criteria like JMBR leadership and management, Ethical business practices in JMBR, rules on corruption and bribery policy and regulatory compliance and risk management initiatives were considered.

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