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ESG Reporting Certification in Saudi Arabia | ESG Consultant in Saudi Arabia

ESG Reporting Certification in Saudi Arabia | ESG Consultant in Saudi Arabia

“Transition your business to a more sustainable model”

In Saudi Arabia, ESG certification involves a comprehensive approach, encompassing environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and robust governance practices to ensure sustainable and ethical business operations.
It goes beyond conventional business standards, emphasizing environmental impact, social engagement, and governance transparency, reflecting a commitment to responsible and resilient corporate practices.

ESG Certification in Saudi Arabia can be Segregated as


  1. Carbon Footprint Management:

    - Measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

    - Implementation of renewable energy sources.

  2. Water and Waste Management:

    - Efficient water usage practices.

    - Waste reduction, recycling, and disposal strategies.

  3. Biodiversity Conservation:

    - Initiatives to protect and enhance biodiversity.

    - Sustainable land use and conservation projects.


  1. Stakeholder Engagement:

    - Robust engagement with various stakeholders.

    - Regular dialogue with communities, customers, and employees.

  2. Labor Practices:

    - Fair labor practices and adherence to labor laws.

    - Employee training and development programs.

  3. Human Rights:

    - Policies addressing human rights issues.

    - Avoidance of involvement in activities that violate human rights.


  1. Anti-Corruption Measures:

    - Implementation of anti-corruption policies.

    - Transparency in financial transactions.

  2. Data Privacy and Cybersecurity:

    - Protection of customer and stakeholder data.

    - Robust cybersecurity measures.

  3. Board Diversity and Independence:

    - Diverse board composition in terms of skills and backgrounds.

    - Independent board members to ensure unbiased decision-making.

  4. Ethical Supply Chain:

    - Ensuring suppliers adhere to ethical standards.

    - Transparent and responsible supply chain management.

The need of ESG Reporting, Certification

  1. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI):

    - Adhering to GRI standards for sustainability reporting.

  2. Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB):

    - Following industry-specific sustainability disclosure standards.

  3. ISO 14001 (Environmental Management):

    - Implementing environmental management systems.

  4. Social Responsibility Standards (e.g., ISO 26000):

    - Incorporating social responsibility principles.

Achieving ESG certification in Saudi Arabia signifies global sustainability compliance and dedication to positive environmental, social, and governance impacts. Embracing these principles aligns businesses with ethical standards and positions them as responsible contributors to long-term societal and environmental well-being. Studies indicate a growing trend, with over 60% of surveyed Saudi businesses recognizing the importance of ESG practices in shaping their corporate strategies.

The Need of ESG Certification

The ESG certificate and the ESG auditor certification will make you to demonstrate the truth of your ESG credentials to the stakeholders. As a result of which you can reduce the perception of green washing. You can gain the benefit of new market entry in the financial stages. You can enhance your ESG credentials over time, by making your employees commit to the ESG metrics. It is said that the popular Environmental, Social and Governance practices will improve your sustainability standards.

The benefits that your company can avail from ESG Reporting, Certification

  • Showcase your ESG commitment

  • Get the benefit of continual improvement

  • Prevent yourself from green washing

  • Enter into the new market with greater demands

  • Go beyond the minimal standards that are set

  • Achieve your ESG targets on timely basis

What is the method to report your ESG Declarations?

The ESG certificate is a three year certification scheme and it consists of 1 main audit and 2 surveillance audits. The certification activities for ESG auditor certification include:

  • Materiality assessment

  • Documentation check

  • Records check

  • Interviews

  • Physical / remote site visits

Signify your environmental sustainability knowledge, skills and expertise and the ESG certifications are a symbol of excellence in sustainable policies and helps you to become complaint. You can use this certification to indicate your organization’s performance and in progressing towards corporate social responsibility goals. A fact is that the frameworks are based on 17 sustainable development goals created by the United Nations. For ESG certification you can get audited by an accredited body like ISO Saudi to earn this certificate.
We will help you to analyze on the different types of certification available and you can decide the right fit for your business. You can make plans to meet the requirements for certificate in ESG and implement policies to get audited by an accredited body.
ISO Saudi will provide the ESG certification services and our team is actively demonstrating in the best practices in the field. We do the ESG auditor certification and the ESG certification for individuals for developing the international standards in market. We have an extensive experience in all the industries and we understand the technical expertise for the best outcome. Your commitment to sustainability will be measured using the ESG certificate from the ESG certificate consultant like ISO Saudi.


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