What is SOC  ?

Data security is a great menace in the world today. This comes in when technology is evolving and becoming in a world where machines make work easier. To conserve data, and have data security whereby individual’s information, and prevent breaches SOC Attestation, aims to contribute to a safe online environment.


Why is SOC Attestation Required by Companies?

SOC Attestation in Saudi Arabia comes in to provide a company an assessment to its control against the five Trust Service criteria. These criteria, Availability, Security, Privacy, processing integrity and Confidentiality’s Attestation is provided when a CPA is performed and to give a report and a company may choose to give this or provide an adverse opinion, for improvements. They may choose to conduct a self-assessment of SOC 2 before an official report. A company should have SOC 2 report to help them build a trusting relationship with customers in regard to their safety and security of their information. The SOC Attestation is proof of a company possessing full control of governing their information security in their environment.

It involves an independent audit performed by a third arty CPA firm. With this, your client, data collected, or any other information is secured and safe.

Types of SOC Attestation

There two parameters, are type 1 compliance and Type 2 compliance. The are several key differences between the two of them. Type 1 compliance majorly involves an organization validating complaint systems given thought. While type 2 compliance entails the organizations compliance being attested over a period, together with the effectiveness of the controls the organization holds.

Benefits of having a SOC Attestation.

An organization has an upper hand when obtaining a SOC Attestation. One benefit od this attestation is that there is a competitive advantage.This is because you have an upper hand over all the other competitive organizations that can’t certify they have a compliance. Secondly, having the SOC attestation helps your organization have the peace of mind since it is an assurance that your systems and networks have a good security network. In addition, your organization will not get fined if there is a security breach. The attestation helps the organization avoid the costly fines due to breaches. Moreover, it is a customer’s demands that will give you trust from them since their data, information is secured and are free from unauthorized access and people.

You can get your SOC attestation through variouscompanies that offer such services. You may need to be extra careful so that you get what you want. Try looking u for companies that have a reputable reputation in such and get your organization a SOC attestation.


 A SOC attestation is essential in the brand name of an organization since it proves that they value data security for their clients, employees, and stake holders. Ever organization is required to have this attestation to keep them protected of any data breaches that may be costly. With the benefits outlined, one may see how the attestation is more good than bad.

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