PCI DSS Assessment in Saudi Arabia

PCI DSS which stands for The Payment Card IndustryData Security Standard is security standard policies formulated to protect cardholders’ details and personal information. This is required by any business or organizations that seek to accept cards for payments as they seek to also store, transmit and process an individual’s details. Therefore, PCI DSS Assessment is an assessment needed to be undertaken by any business which seeks to involve the transaction of payment through acceptable payment cards so that they adhere to the policies given. This is required to ensure the protection of the cardholder and avoid fraud.

 Benefits of a PCI DSS Assessment

The assessment gives way for data security of an individual’s information and an organization, company or business gets to have benefits if this assessment is undertaken. This compliance has a benefit of preventing data breaching. Since data security has become one major concern that companies strive to uphold, PCI DSS seeks to protect against cyber-attacks and the likes. Secondly it builds customer trusts in your company as they make transactions. Though not all clients and customers may coincide what PCI DSS aims to do, some have taken note because phishing in websites have become rampant even with the most reputable companies falling for some cyber-attacks. The PCI DSS logo gives the much confident that transactions are much more secure.

In addition, your company may cut costs on getting any other standards since PCI DSS is standardized and its assessment is the most efficient in looking at the risks and faults that may be in your system.  This helps in complying with any other standards that are needed if PCI DSS is you company’s first compliance. Moreover, when the trustbetween your clients or customers and your company builds and increases, business will definitely be good, for the day. It increases business growth since having a PCI DSS compliance is a step in creating partnerships with other organizations.

Benefits of a PCI DSS Assessment

Challengesof a PCI DSS assessment

Regardless of the back-to-back benefits of getting a PCI DSS assessment or compliance, there are challenges when getting it that may deter you.

The first challenge is that all the requirements are mandatory. The PCI DSS Assessment in Saudi Arabia currently entails two hundred and fifty-six requirements in which all must be adhered to attain a compliance.  One can seek advice and experienced guidance from companies with reputable reputation for this. The second challenge one may experience is the PCI DSS is a very technical unlike the other industry standards such as ISO 27701. You may be required to consult PCI DSS experts if those with your company have no knowledge in applying for PCI DSS compliance in addition, there is a lot of pressure in organization s when it come to the certification of PCI DSS. This may lead to poor reaction to the requirements need for the. Compliance.


In regard to the above although the PCI DSS is important, it also comes with a lot of challenges that may be detrimental if requirements are not worked on.

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