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ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001 Certification, ISO 50001 Consultancy in Saudi Arabia

The ISO 50001 Certification for energy management system has gained popularity in Saudi. ISO 50001 will establish a framework for industrial plants, commercial facilities and buildings, shopping malls and entire organizations to manage energy.

This Energy use can be converted to Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emitted to atmosphere. Software companies, Manufacturing companies and Service organizations are heading towards for ISO 50001 Certification.

Energy management system although a new subject, it is a well-known fact that Energy is priced reasonably in the entire Gulf region. The entire process of implementing Energy Management System (EnMS) depends upon the overall budget the client wishes to invest and the energy efficiency of existing equipments in Saudi Arabia.

Specifications of ISO 50001 Certification

  • Management Responsibility
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy Planning including legal documents, energy review, baseline, performance indicator, objectives and management action plans.
  • Checking, monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and controlling
  • General management review of both input and output.


  • It can help measure and monitor the energy consumption.
  • It helps identify the sources of energy and usage which can guide you to limit risk and use alternatives.
  • The capacity to manage the energy can give good impact to your company when it comes to footprint.
  • Focus on energy management which will give you the idea of using energy-efficient technology products.
  • You can prove that you commit to improve energy efficiency with the goal of limiting your company’s impact to environment.

ISO 50001 Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

If you are interested to learning more regarding of optimizing Energy consumption and look for ISO 50001 Certification, contact us and we will be pleased to meet you.


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